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  • runs a 100% zero-waste facility
  • offsets 100% of all GHG emissions from source to shelf to doorstep
  • donates 10¢ for every bottle returned for reuse
  • stays true to making an authentic & artisanal craft kombucha

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100% reusable closed-loop distribution*

*we offset our entire carbon footprint
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Which is why we choose to ferment our Kombucha for 4 to 5 weeks in a carefully analyzed 3-stage process. Our 'Fresh Batch' method of brewing ensures each batch is getting a proper dose of beneficial bacteria and yeasts that give rise to diverse and healthy organic acids, digestive enzymes and natural carbonation!

Discover our delicious and unique flavours, carefully crafted with creativity, a love for flavour combinations and real, whole ingredients. We blend real fruits, herbs, flowers & wild-harvested local plants in order to yield the most satisfying Kombucha experience there is!
freshly pressed ginger
Ginger Root
black tea base

Packed with freshly cold-pressed and organic ginger juice, this black tea Kombucha blend will never disappoint! Ginger is a classic that will satisfy everyone, anytime of the day! It is known for it's incredible anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties as well as it's capacity to aid any digestive troubles, including nausea. Packed with antioxidants and blended with antioxidant rich teas, this kombucha is a powerhouse! Taste the difference of fresh ginger juice in your Kombucha! Enjoy on it's own for all needs required and also a cocktails' match made in heaven.

Ingredients: water, kombucha culture*, raw can sugar*+, black tea*+, fresh ginger root*.
*organic, +fair trade
whole flower petals
black tea base

Origin's Hibiscus and Rose Kombucha bursts with flavor and fizz! The perfect blend of floral and tart, it's essence is bold and full of life and energy. We allow dried Hibiscus and Rose petals to macerate in our black tea based Kombucha, infusing it's properties and gorgeous color to yield a Kombucha that is rich in vitamin c and and naturally low in sugar. It is the perfect kombucha for a mid day energy and mental boost. Enjoy on it's own for a 'pick me up' or mix in your favorite evening cocktail.

Ingredients: water, kombucha culture*, raw cane sugar*+, black tea*+, hibiscus petals*, rose petals*, fresh ginger root*.
*organic, +fair trade
wild harvested plants
Wild Forest
black tea base

Origin's Wild Forest is blended in an organic and fair trade black tea Kombucha base. Full of flavour and depth, this wild kombucha is unique and absolutely delicious! Fresh wildcrafted boreal Labrador tea, Balsam fir shoots and medicinal chaga mushroom are what gives this flavour an invigorating, aromatic and zesty taste of nature. Combined with it's woodsy and down to earth tones, sipping on Wild Forest is a grounding experience. Enjoy on it's own to experience the depth and layers this flavour has to offer.

ingredients: water, kombucha culture*, raw cane sugar*+, black tea*+, apple*^, labrador tea^~, baslam fir shoots^~, chaga mushroom^~.
*organic, +fair trade, ^local, ~wildharvest
whole berries
green tea base

Origin's Elderberry is as delicate as it is full of flavor, acidity, effervescence and carries a certain 'je ne sais quoi'. The use of green tea and yerba mate in the base of this kombucha creates a light and smooth flavor. It is a great choice for those sensitive to caffeine or who prefer a light tasting sparkling beverage. Blended with a good amount of powerful and fresh ginger root, this sour berry by nature is full of antioxidants as well as antiviral and immuno-stimulant properties and will help keep you going throughout the day and feeling your best! The Perfect Kombucha to maintain a strong immune system during the cold winter months.

Ingredients: water, kombucha culture*, raw cane sugar*+, green tea*, yerba mate*+, elderberries*, fresh ginger root*.
*organic, +fair trade
organic jasmin petals
green tea base

The infused Jasmine flowers create a slightly sour and low sugar Kombucha with smooth floral notes. With green tea and yerba mate as the base, this flavour is a great choice for those who prefer a light tasting, sparkling beverage. The delicate yet astringent jasmine flowers brings out the best of kombucha's natural acidity and tartness. We add on top of that fresh ginger juice which adds extra zing and a refreshing , uplifting punch! Together they create something so explosively good! Perfect after strenuous activity or to quench your thirst. Delicious on ice or straight out of the bottle, enjoy our Jasmine Kombucha anytime of the day!

Ingredients: filtered water, kombucha culture*, raw cane sugar*+, green tea*, yerba mate*+, jasmine flowers*, fresh ginger*.
*organic, +fair trade
locally harvested
green tea base

This flavor is light in essence but bursts with fruity, tart and sour accents with a cooling and slight lemony spruce finish. With green tea and yerba mate as the base, this flavor is a great choice for those who prefer a light tasting sparkling beverage. Haskap berries are a unique superfood with high amounts of antioxidants and a mixed flavor profile of raspberry, elderberry, grape and black currant. They are also low in sugar and a deliciously tart treat. Mixed with aromatic spearmint and freshly picked northern spruce tips, this blend yields it's own unique and satisfying taste making this flavor an irresistible favorite! Haskap & Spruce is uplifting, energizing and thirst quenching.

Ingredients: filtered water, kombucha culture*, raw cane sugar*+, green tea*, yerba mate*+, haskap berries*^, spruce tips^~, spearmint*, fresh ginger*.
*organic, +fair trade, ^local, ~wildharvest
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Traditionally Fermented To Perfection…

Produced in Micro Batches, using the fresh-brew traditional method, our 5-week, 3 stage fermentation process is one of a kind!

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From cap to label, our swing-top bottles are as eco-friendly as it gets! With our 1.50$ bottle deposit policy, we are currently recuperating over 70% of our bottles every week.

We are truly dedicated to not only making authentic, handcrafted Kombucha, but also contributing to a greener future & healthier planet.

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